TUI Transformer

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  • TUI Transformer
  • TUI Transformer


These TUI transformers are intended for input impedance matching applications in the 2-300 MHz frequency range up to 1KW. The winding material is semi-rigid coax cable. The primary and secondary windings are DC isolated. Depending on the power levels involved, the band may have to be divided into two or three segments. The Type "U" transformers require a presence of magnetic material, such as ferrite to increase the winding inductance, for operation below approximately 75MHz.  The magnetic material is available separately.

 The TUI transformers are available in the following windings:

            2 Turn            1:4 Impedance ratio

            3 Turn            1:9 Impedance ratio

            4 Turn            1:16 Impedance ratio

 The TUI transformer is available manufactured with standard solder or with lead free solder.  In stock for immediate shipping.


    TUI-4 (2 turns)   Dimensions

    TUI-9 (3 turns)   Dimensions

    TUI-16 (4 turns)   Dimensions



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